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Phillie Phanatic spends a night out on the town teaching Phillies wives how to shake it (video)

Jun 19, 2012, 12:45 PM EDT

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Hey, if this whole ‘winning at baseball’ thing doesn’t work out for the Phillies at least they know they can pack it in and start new lives as a roving fashion show. Last night the boys in red pinstripes took a night off from their day jobs as struggling athletes to strut it up with their families at the Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show, where players and their families did everything in their power to not look like an idiot (Hamels lost, Victorino’s daughter won).

An interesting story unfolded when the crowd was shocked to see Jen Utley trade in her oft-injured husband Chase Utley for a much more limber runway mate, the world famous Phillie Phanatic.

They took a spin around the runway and ended with the duo launching into a simultaneous performance of the Phanatic’s patented rump shake as Jen Utley giggled off the stage and Chase could only wonder how he had become so easily replaceable. First Freddy Galvis, now the Phanatic?! Who CAN he trust?

You can find video of the incident here.

H/T The 700 Level