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Annie the Psychic Anteater correctly predicted Stanley Cup champ, now has an NBA Finals choice (video)

Jun 12, 2012, 5:41 PM EDT


My favorite animal “Annie” is still the elephant from Gunga Din (too bad Floyd Mayweather doesn’t know any trained elephants). But in second place now is Annie the Psychic Anteater from the Bergen County Zoo. You can’t swing a dead weasel without hitting a sports-prognosticating animal these days, but Annie so far has a perfect record: she chose the Los Angeles Kings to beat the Devils for the Stanley Cup.

Some may say that was an easy choice, but remember, she’s an anteater. It’s not like they watch SportsCenter.

Now, Annie has a pick for the NBA Finals.

Annie was once again presented with two bowls, each branded with a logo representing either the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Miami Heat. After what seemed like a quick assessment of the two, she confidently pulled the Miami bowl toward herself before chowing down on her pick.

What is this, an NBA PREDICTION FOR ANTS? #Zoolandered.