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This just in: Hot reporter spanks NHL mascot … ‘Allie pulled out her bedroom move!’ (video)

Jun 6, 2012, 5:52 PM EDT


Finally someone has figured out how to inject some life into Stanley Cup Final TV coverage. When KTLA in Los Angeles staged this little mascot rumble for its newscast, I’ll bet they didn’t think it would end up with hot, hot girl-on-mascot spanking. The blonde reporter in the Kings’ jersey is Allie Mac Kay, who, while trying to tackle the New Jersey Devils’ mascot during this scrum, resorts to tactics usually reserved for soft porn videos. And in case you think I’m seeing things that aren’t there, you can hear one of the anchor desk guys blurt out during the melee: “Oh, Allie pulled out her bedroom move!” Yep, he said that.

Well played, KTLA reporters. Hopefully you’re all still employed, and this series goes another couple of games. Because any remote that includes a blonde girl yelling “Stop tickling Cole!” is worth seeing what comes next.