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Psychic anteater chooses LA Kings to win Stanley Cup … many ants died to bring us this information (video)

Jun 4, 2012, 12:31 PM EDT


It’s hard to make a move these days without bumping into a psychic animal who enjoys making sports predictions. First it was an octopus, followed by elephants, opossums, pigs, ferrets … it’s niche marketing of the animal kind. Now meet Annie the psychic anteater, who has predicted the winner of the Stanley Cup final between the LA Kings and NJ Devils.

Annie resides at the Bergen County Zoological Gardens, which one would think would make her a Devils fan. Not so, apparently. Given the choice of two dishes of food, Annie ignored the Devils dish entirely. I really doubt that Annie is psychic — she’s just able to read the newspaper.

One has to wonder, however — if all of these animals are psychic and able to see things several steps ahead, how come they’re all in zoos?