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Tim Tebow defends kid who was denied diploma for Tebowing

May 25, 2012, 4:35 PM EDT

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Tim Tebow AP

As we showed you on Tuesday, Chuck Shiner is the Bishop Verot High School (Fort Myers, Fla.) senior who got into trouble for Tebowing on stage during the school’s graduation ceremony. The school thought they would teach him a lesson by telling him he wouldn’t be getting a diploma because of the stunt. Turns out, apparently, that he will be getting his diploma … but Tim Tebow doesn’t know that.

Word got to Tebow at Jets practice on Thursday, and he stuck up for the kid. Kind of. Tebow:

“I don’t think his diploma should be withheld,” he said. “I think it was probably something a lot of people laughed at. I don’t know that it was necessarily appropriate, but I definitely think he should be able to graduate.”

Shriner acted on a $5 bet when he dropped to one knee in a prayer-like stance, and Tebow noted that his intent could have been better.

Yes, like if he was actually praying, instead of looking to pick up a quick fiver. Of course that’s easy for a millionaire like Tebow to say. Five bucks doesn’t mean much to him.

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