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Cardboard Tebow’s prom date gets signed jersey from real Tebow, but no phone call

May 14, 2012, 10:17 AM EDT

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The Iowa girl who took a cardboard cutout of Tim Tebow to her high school prom has received an autographed jersey from the real Tebow, but still has not talked with him. That’s probably for best. Awhile back we told you the story of Rachel Bird, who had no prom date (sad violin). So she took to Twitter and asked Tebow to be her date. Shockingly, she didn’t hear back from Tebow or his people, so she took matters into her own hands. She made a life-sized, cardboard Tebow cutout and took that to the prom.

That stunt got the attention of several news outlets, plus the writers at Saturday Night Live:

It was even teased by “Saturday Night Live” on a weekend update gag that said Flat Tebow fit in with the theme “The Saddest Night of My Life.”

Ha. More from the Des Moines Register:

Rachel Bird, the youngest child of Carol and Bob Bird of Kingsley, shrugs off the “SNL” gibe.

“They don’t say too many nice things on that show,” she said.

Rachel, the youngest of three children, graduates top in her class of 28 this Sunday. She’s been working on her commencement speech, which her mom says won’t feature Flat Tebow.

Anyway, FRS, the Tebow-endorsed energy drink company, got wind of the story and wrote to Bird, telling her that they would send her some Tebow swag if she tweeted them. She did, and FRS sent Bird the signed Tebow jersey, plus some FRS gear. Still no actual contact from Tebow, though.

Bird also got this, although not from Tebow.