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Chicken streaker at British soccer match captured in goal net, is instant celebrity (video)

May 7, 2012, 3:22 PM EDT

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A Chicken is put on the pitch by Blackbu Getty Images

My question isn’t so much why Blackburn Rovers fans released a chicken onto the field today. More intriguing is how someone smuggled a live chicken into a major soccer stadium.

“Excuse me sir, your jacket seems to be clucking.” (Passes over man with security wand). “Carry on.”

(Next fan has hedgehog in pants).

Two hours later: “Hey, where’s the chicken?”

As I understand it, the Rovers are going to be relegated (banished to the Mountain West, or whatever is below Premier League) if they don’t win tonight against Wigan. So home fans thought it would be fun to dress a rooster in a Blackburn scarf and set him loose on the field. That’s a not-subtle protest of the club’s decision in 2010 to chop off the head of former boss Sam Allardyce and replace him with Steve Kean. Venky’s, which owns the club, is an Indian chicken farming company.

It’s actually a good idea — I believe that all sports stadiums should be self-sustaining. I know that if they didn’t switch end zones every quarter, the Jets could graze cattle on the opposition’s side of the field.

source: Getty Images

Getty Images.

In light of all this, the following commercial is rather disturbing: