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Morning Mail: Kate Upton hangs out with James Harden, Kevin Durant at Take Your Supermodel to Work Day (video)

May 1, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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So while Metta World Peace is at home playing video games during his suspension, James Harden gets to hang out with Kate Upton in the training room. Advantage: Harden.

Skullcandy’s latest video, Take Your Supermodel to Work Day, features the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Harden and Kevin Durant, and it’s pretty funny. My favorite part: When Kate is counting jumprope skips, and Durant yells “Count in your head!” Most questionable decision: When Kate offers to give them massages, and they refuse, opting for the male team masseuse. All in all, funnier than The Three Stooges movie.

Skullcandy makes headphones, as you know, and I’m assuming this is the commercial they made back in March. During that trip to OKC, Upton attended a Thunder game, and actually caused teams to shoot 10 percent worse on the side of the court where she was sitting.


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