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Caps fans taunt Bruins’ Tea Party goalie with Obama signage

Apr 18, 2012, 10:00 AM EDT

Tim Thomas AP

Tim Thomas’ first big mistake was to reveal his political beliefs. Never show an opposing fan base you weakness. As you can see in this photo, now that Capitals’ fans know how to get under his skin, they’re going to pounce on it at every opportunity.

As you may recall from back in January, Bruins’ goalie Tim Thomas took some heat for refusing to join his team in a visit to the White House, where they were honored for winning the Stanley Cup. Thomas, an avowed Tea Party Republican (person he would most like to have dinner with: Glenn Beck), was the only active Bruin not to attend. Among other charges, Thomas said that Obama has made the government too big.

So Capitals’ fans thought they’d have a little fun at Thomas’ expense on Monday. It was all part of a grassroots effort to annoy Thomas, as seen on several web sites. Give Me Hilarity, Or Give Me Death!

source: Getty Images

Hard to say if it’s working: Boston leads the playoff series, 2-games-to-1, following the Bruins’ 4-3 win on Monday. Thomas has demonstrated he’s sensitive about the issue, however. He walked away from one interview when asked about snubbing the President. And the Capitals’ blog Russian Machine Never Breaks gives us this chart, tracking Obama’s approval rating vs. Thomas save percentage:


Meanwhile, the Capitals are saying that the Bruins may be involved in a some unsavory headhunting. Shades of Bountygate!

Capitals coach Dale Hunter went so far as to say yesterday that the Bruins have been going after the head of center Nicklas Backstrom, who returned to Washington’s lineup March 31 after missing half the regular season because of a concussion.

“It is crossing the line,” Hunter said. “To grab his head all the time is not the right way to play.”

Asked yesterday, an off day in the series, whether he thinks the Bruins are targeting Backstrom’s head, Hunter replied: “Oh, yeah.”

“If you noticed it, every scrum, Nicky comes out with no helmet on. He gets blockered to the head by (goalie Tim) Thomas the game before,” Hunter said. “So he’s protecting his head.”

  1. kandersonsigns - Sep 12, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    That’s one way to get into a goalies head!