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Bear who doesn’t like texting sent to location with poor cell reception

Apr 11, 2012, 12:38 PM EDT

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On Tuesday we told you about the guy in La Crescenta (Los Angeles) who was texting while he was walking out of his house, and almost collided with a 400-pound bear walking toward him. The whole thing was quite comical, and caught on video by a traffic helicopter which was keeping tabs on the bear for authorities. So cops eventually tranquilized the bruin and loaded him into a truck, saying that they would locate him further back into the woods (just like the Giants do with Pablo Sandoval each Fall).

I’m always skeptical about these catch-and-release claims, picturing as I do some wildlife official in his backyard serving bear steaks from his barbeque. But today from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department we get this photo, which is proof that the bear was released safely in the Angeles National Forest — far from any social media or pic-a-nic baskets. So the story ends happily.

Anyway, now seems as good a time as any to recount the thrilling, legendary, entirely true “Wiener Dog Story”, which I witnessed, and was recounted on Dave Barry’s blog. Enjoy:

Like most of us, I also have a true inspiring wiener dog story. I was living in Lake Tahoe, CA, at the time, and bears were often seen rummaging through the trash bins in our condo parking lot. The people next door to us had a wiener dog, and one day it charged out of its house toward a large black bear which was in the garbage. The bear took off into the woods, with the wiener dog in hot pursuit. There was a long pause, in which all one could hear were the sounds of birds chirping. Then, from the woods, came the wiener dog — running madly back toward the house, with the bear now the pursuer instead of the pursuee. Somewhere, deep in the woods, it must have dawned on the bear that it was being chased by a freakin’ wiener dog.

The funniest part to me was that the wiener dog ran back into the house — and I swear, I don’t know how this happened, because no one was home — the door slammed shut behind him.

Well, now I see the problem: that wiener dog wasn’t armed.


Even funnier with sound.