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Morning Mail: Are you not entertained? ‘Gladiators’ protest atop Roman Colosseum

Apr 10, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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gladiators04 AP

One of my favorite stories ever is from August of last year, when Italian police went undercover as Roman soldiers to infiltrate a tourist scam, and ended up brawling with other people dressed as Roman soldiers and gladiators. Good times. Now the ‘gladiators’ are back, having climbed atop the Roman Colosseum itself to protest the ban on their activities.

Fake gladiators and Roman soldiers have worked the tourist trade around the Colosseum for several years, performing and posing for photos with tourists and them asking for money. Many tourists complained, and Roman authorities agreed that the whole display was rather tacky — not befitting one of the great archeological wonders of the world. So beginning last week they began fining the fake soldiers and gladiators for performing services without a permit, banning them from the immediate area around the Colosseum itself.

On Saturday, centurions climbed onto the Colosseum in protest. AP:

The fake gladiators insist they perform a popular service and that their costumes evoke the atmosphere of ancient Rome.

source: Getty Images


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