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Morning Mail: Donald Trump mocked in puppet form by opponents of Scottish golf course (video)

Mar 27, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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Donald Trump’s development of a mega golf course and luxury hotel complex on the northeast coast of Scotland is causing great wailing and gnashing of teeth among environmentalists and residents, and now the entire affair has been put to song. A protest video featuring a frightening Donald Trump puppet — complete with sweaty latex skin and dangerous, wind-whipped combover — hit YouTube on Sunday. And Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen, gave permission for the producers of the video to use his 1975 megahit, Bohemian Rhapsody, and change the lyrics.

May, who gave permission for the song to be used within four hours of being asked, said he wanted to show his “disgust” at Trump’s plans for the Menie estate.

The musician told the campaigners: “I will do what I can to bring it a little more out in the open. I’m happy to secure you permission to try this yourself.”

Trump’s development of the Menie estate for Trump International Golf Course is a hot-button issue in the country, where some residents have been hailed as “Local Heroes” (after the 1983 Burt Lancaster film) for refusing to sell their land to make way for the course.

A local freelance writer, Hazel Cameron, wrote and produced the video, which took a year to complete. An anonymous company in England made the puppet after no Scottish company would do it.

Caution: some lyrics may be considered PG-13, such as:

“Listen you better understand, that I’m gonna see this through and there ain’t nothing you can do, I’ve got the power because I’m filthy rich, and you ain’t got two beans, ain’t that a bi**h, I’m Donald OOOO.”

Has Trump seen the video? Oh yeah. His response:

“We all know that famous people and great media figures are easy targets for criticism, particularly by small minded individuals who can only find expression through sarcasm and ridicule.

“We’ve seen it all before.”

The funniest part of all of this, besides a Trump puppet in a kilt, is that Trump himself has suspended construction on the project due to nearby wind turbines which he claims are spoiling the view from his property. He’s gone to the Scottish government to try and get the turbines removed, but so far they’re just laughing at the irony.


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