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Brazilian soccer player argues with linesman, is bitten by police dog (video)

Mar 26, 2012, 11:41 AM EDT

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Things are very very intense in Brazilian soccer right now: I’d suggest avoiding the stadiums altogether and hanging out at the beach. Wait, yikes! Sorry, I meant just stay home. It happened in a Gaucho I match on Sunday between Novo Hamburgo and Caxias, as an argument erupted on the pitch following a controversial call by a referee. As players from both teams swarmed the officiating crew, riot cops moved in, and at least one of them had a German Shepard. And the dog was apparently hungry.

The incident started after the referee’s assistant overturned his decision to disallow a goal against Caxias in their first-division match against Novo Hamburgo, promoting Vanderlei and his teammates to swamp the officials.

Police joined the scene after the situation stared to escalate, and one German Shepherd, who was being held on a leash, decided to take the matter into his own mouth by trying to take a chunk out of the nearby Vanderlei.

Video footage of the incident shows the striker having to be treated on the pitch after the bite, but he was eventually able to return.

Caxias went on to lose the match 1-0, courtesy of Paulinho Macaiba’s controversial goal.


Meanwhile, in São Paulo, a 21-year-old fan was shot and killed during a melee between fans of Corinthians and Palmeiras before their match on Sunday.

The fans fought with iron bars, pieces of wood and rocks. Police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to halt the confrontation on Sunday morning.

If you think this is tailgating, Brazil, you’re not doing it right.