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Morning Mail: Let the Tebowing of Rex Ryan begin (video)

Mar 22, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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No one’s expecting Rex Ryan himself to start Tebowing — we’re not sure his body can bend into that shape. But these two fans are the first to officially strike the pose in his presence. It happened at a bar/eatery in Baton Rouge, LA, according to the poster, as Ryan was in town for LSU Pro Day. He posed for a photo with two fans, who suddenly took a knee in classic Tebow fashion, and the whole thing was caught on video. Ha.


Meanwhile, the New York Post (“God Him!”) and NY Daily News (“Amen!”) sports covers this morning were interesting.  Also, the Statue of Liberty Tebowing? That’s going too far.

And here’s how TMZ announced the trade:


And of course, The Onion: “Tebow, Sanchez vow to work together to throw football.”

And now it’s your turn, Next Media Animation:


Yep, the fun is only beginning in Gotham.



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