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Chelsea player sacked for smoke bomb shenanigans

Mar 20, 2012, 12:34 PM EDT

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jacobmellis03 Getty Images

One would think that a Premier League player would be sensitive to the smoke bomb menace, being that it’s one of the favorite weapons of the disgruntled soccer fan. Not so with Chelsea midfielder Jacob Mellis, 21, who admitted setting off a smoke grenade at the team’s training ground in Cobham, England. So, fine? Suspension? High-fives from his teammates? Nope, Mellis was kicked off the team for the incident, which happened on March 2. Dean Wormer was not amused.

According to reports, the smoke grenade was set off in the reserve-team dressing room and trained fire marshals had to be brought in.

Players, officials and other staff from Chelsea’s reserve, youth and academy teams ran from the building with hands covering their faces because of the thick smoke.

I hope the smoke was the team’s primary color, at least.

Owner Roman Abramovich was reportedly briefed about the incident, which occurred shortly before training at 10.30am and set off fire alarms and triggered a full evacuation procedure.

It was also the latest controversial episode to occur at Chelsea’s training ground.

Last February, defender Ashley Cole accidentally shot and wounded a work experience student with an air rifle.

The best part is that it apparently took the Smoke Bomb Court of Appeals more than two weeks to weigh the evidence before getting rid of Mellis. My question is, how did he get caught? The police can’t catch you when you’ve got smoke bombs: have you learned nothing from Batman?

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