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This sprightly 100-year-old will be one of the Olympic torch bearers

Mar 19, 2012, 2:22 PM EDT

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Meet the youngest and the oldest London 2012 Olympic torch relay runners: Dominic John MacGowan, right, aged 11, from Birmingham, England, and Dinah Gould, aged 99, from Harrow, London. Gould, whose birthday is in May, will be 100 by the time the torch relay gets underway, and 101 by the time she’s finished her 300 meters (sorry, that last part’s not funny).

Seven hundred more torchbearers, including celebrities, are due to be announced at a later date with the relay starting on May 19 and travelling 8,000 miles around the country before the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium on July 27.

About 7,300 torch bearers will take 70 days and travel through Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, some aided by boat, cable car, hot air balloon, bicycle, motorbike and horseback. If one of the torch bearers is from the Ministry of Silly Walks, that would rule.

Grandma, 100, will help carry Olympic flame in London [MSNBC]