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Podcast: Former NFL great Warrick Dunn on retirement, playing with Vick and giving back

Mar 2, 2012, 1:47 PM EDT


Warrick Dunn is a former NFL great who has come out with a memoir of his times as an NFL star, focusing on the trials he had to go through when his mother, a police corporal, was killed in the line of duty. Today he dedicates most of his time to helping single parents become homeowners. You can find a link to the podcast here.

How’s retirement been for you?

I’m enjoying it. I’m living the dream! Just busy.

What’s the biggest thing you miss about football?

The camaraderie of the guys, the competition of playing at a high level. Competing. I’m just trying to live life and be fruitful.

source:  I asked Doug Flutie which quarterback was the most incredible he’s ever witnessed and he said Tom Brady. Who is it for you?

Well, Tom Brady’s incredible but I played the game at a different time, with Aikman and Elway. There are so many great guys so it’s hard to choose just one.

You played a little bit with a certain Mike Vick. How was that?

He’s an athletic guy with a lot of talent and he poses a lot of problems for a lot of defenses. He’s a heck of a passer who can also do it on the ground. Heck of a guy to watch.

When you had Vick on your team, did it feel like you were playing football with a loaded deck because your team was so explosive?

We had a potent running game, though we never really got to take advantage with the passing game. The problems that we posed to teams was mostly because of the talent we had in the backfield. We were always up for the challenge of bringing excitement to the game.

You spent a lot of time in a two back rotation, with TJ Duckett for example, or Mike Alstott while you were with the Bucs. What’s better for a running back, a one back approach like the Eagles did with LeSean McCoy this year, or a two back approach?

All depends on the running back. I don’t want to pigeonhole anybody. Whatever helps the team, be it sharing the ball or taking it myself, that’s all I wanted to do.

Can you talk about how you’ve been giving back?

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff to help single mothers who need the help get houses, and it’s led me to Crown Royal. I might have a race named after me, the Warrick Dunn 400 at the Brickyard, and to be able to experience something like that is a great thank you present for all I’ve given back.

Is it crazy to see all your old NFL friends since you got to hang out at the Super Bowl this year, like Brian Westbrook?

There’s always a lot of great guys around. It’s great to see them and do a little catching up. Just to be around the guys is great.

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  1. AlohaMrHand - Mar 2, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    a wonderful football player and an even better human being.For every knuckle head in sports there are great people like Warrick Dunn who ‘gets it’.