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Sorry … that rumor about Pres. Obama attending the Knicks-Heat game tonight isn’t true

Feb 23, 2012, 6:58 PM EDT

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President Obama Departs The White House Enroute To Florida Getty Images

Tweet of the day so far:

If Jeremy Lin torches Lebron tonight, Twitter will need to reallocate dedicated Justin Bieber servers to handle the load.

Yep. They’d also have to rename the process for measuring earthquakes the Linchter Scale. Tipoff is in about 30 minutes, and I’d say that if you purchased a ticket anytime this week, you’re either very well off, or you had to sell your car. They were going for an average of $713 each (up from $510 this morning), at last report. As if the appeal of seeing LeBron and Lin on the same floor wasn’t enough, there was also talk of President Obama stopping by (he gave a speech at the University of Miami today). But no, that’s not true, according to Politico.

“In another life,” Obama said, he would have stayed in Miami for the Heat-Knicks game tonight and in Orlando for the NBA All-Star Game this weekend. “But these days I have a few other things on my plate.”

Earlier Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney joked that the president’s staff had been encouraging him to stay in Miami for tonight’s game. “We have been encouraging him to call an audible, if you will… so that we can stay in Miami and watch the game. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be possible,” Carney said.

Would love to see the Traffic Armageddon that would result if Obama did attend.

Obama wishes he could catch a basketball game [Politico]