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Jimmer Fredette takes brother to woodshed over Twitter slam of coach

Feb 23, 2012, 10:10 AM EDT

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Jimmer Fredette, Luke Ridnour AP

Another day, another social media casualty. This time it’s T.J. Fredette, brother of Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer, who was caght thinking with his thumbs instead of his brain. On Tuesday night following the Kings’ loss to the Heat, T.J. slammed Kings coach Keith Smart for not playing Jimmer enough … resulting in the predictable amount of controversy. By Wednesday night Jimmer had evidently found his brother and beaten him with a large salami, because T.J. was apologizing profusely for his outburst. First, the original tweet:

can we please get rid of this interim coach who should be an assistant at best and bring in a real head coach.

Then, the aftermath:

i underestimated the power of twitter and made a bad choice making my comment public, i erased the comment and apologize for my mistake.

Sacramento Bee Kings beat writer Jason Jonmes helps get the word out”

Jimmer spoke to his brother about last night’s tweet re: Smart: “He’s sorry and I’m sorry on behalf of him…that will never happen again.”

The Bee:

Jimmer Fredette said that’s something that won’t happen again.

“When I got aware of it, I definitely talked to him about it,” Fredette said.

“He obviously regrets it. He’s sorry and I’m sorry on behalf of him as well. It’s something that will never happen again. It will be controlled, and he realizes that. We just apologize to everybody, coaches, teammates and everybody.”

Jimmer played a total of 63 minutes over the Kings’ six-game losing streak (which they broke on Wednesday in Washington), as Smart has opted to use him as a 3-point specialist off the bench. But it’s hard to imagine how T.J. thought his attack tweets were going to help Jimmer’s situation. So once again we remind all you kids out there: don’t type things into your phone that you don’t want the general public to read.

But it’s not only the controversial stuff that should be kept to yourself:

I got 2,950,695 points while escaping from demon monkeys in Temple Run. Beat that!

Jimmer played 12:06 and scored eight points against the Wizards.