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Morning Mail: Even the unpacking of Jeremy Lin merchandise is drawing TV coverage now

Feb 16, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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So it’s come to this: a new shipment of Jeremy Lin merchandise arrived at Modell’s Sporting Goods in NYC’s Times Square on Wednesday, and TV cameras were on hand to film the thrill-packed unloading action. One would think that Lin himself was in one of the boxes, but no. Not only that, but people were lined up in the store to get their hands on the stuff the minute it was unpacked. Photos via Darren Rovell, who reports that over the past two days Modell’s has ordered 168,000 Lin items.


Meanwhile, at the Ed Sullivan Theater, Letterman drove a stake into the Lin Pun Epidemic with his Top Ten List.

Top Ten Worst Jeremy Lin Puns

10.Lin-termittent windshield wiper
9.Law and Order: Criminal Lin-Tent
8.Ange-Lin-a Jol-emy
7.Lin-ternational House of Lin-Cakes
6.Newt Lin-Grich
5.Lin-terest-bearing Lin-vestment grade financial Lin-strument
4.Does this look Lin-fected to you?
3.Jere-meat sauce with Lin-guine
2.Kni-xual Lin-tercourse
1.You gotta be Lin it to Lin it


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Meanwhile, in Philadelphia …



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