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The Aaron Ramsey curse? Each time soccer player scores a goal, someone famous dies

Feb 14, 2012, 7:54 PM EDT

Arsenal v Fulham - Premier League Getty Images

That’s the theory, anyway. As balmy as this seems, it does make more sense than The Da Vinci Code … but then that’s a pretty low bar. The big news on soccer forums this week centers on Arsenal midfielder and Wales captain Aaron Ramsey, and how every time he scores a goal, someone famous dies. On Sunday his goal vs. Sunderland was blamed for the death of Whitney Houston.

Look, I didn’t say that I believe it, but many soccer fans evidently do.

Previous efforts have apparently seen off Muammar Gaddafi, Steve Jobs and Osama bin Laden.

On most of the days on which Ramsey scores a notable musician dies. The day after Ramsey found the net on 3 Jan 2010, producer Tony Clarke passed away. Five days earlier, a goal spelt the end for The Birthday Party’s Rowland Howard. A December 2009 goal saw off guitarist Jack Rose and a November ’09 goal came the day before rapper Derek B died of a heart attack.

Partial scorecard:

Ramsey goal: 5-1-11, vs. Manchester United. Next day: Osama bin Laden killed.

Ramsey goal: 10-2-11, vs. Tottenham. Three days later: Steve Jobs died.

Ramsey goal: 10-19-11, vs. Marseille. Next day: Gaddafi killed.

Ramsey goal: 2-11-12, vs. Sunderland. That night: Whitney Houston died.

Arsenal plays again on Wednesday, vs. AC Milan. We’ll be watching closely.

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