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Eastern League All-Star Game HR Derby has close resemblance to Calvinball

Jan 24, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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Take a good look at the artwork here, because that’s an accurate depiction of what the Eastern League All-Star Game Home Run Derby is going to look like. (My favorite part is the outfielder suspended in mid-air by a crane). The Double-A baseball circuit on Monday announced its Home Run Derby format (ahead of the actual All-Star Game on July 10), to be hosted by the Reading Phillies. And it will include:

  • Players will be trying to hit select targets around the field to earn points.
  • Outfield dunk tanks.
  • People jumping on a trampoline.
  • Pink flamingo yard ornaments.
  • For every ball caught by a mascot, the batter loses points.
  • VIP party on the infield, during the HR Derby.


Grammy Award-winning musician and Berks County resident David Cullen will also be performing uncomfortably close to the pitcher’s mound in a protected area as he entertains fans and all-stars in attendance.

The VIP guests and musicians will be protected by netting, of course … but who knows what could happen? It all looks like a giant circus of the surreal, which our intern, Josiah Schlatter, will be attending. Although he doesn’t know it yet.

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