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Was Stanford kicker Tebowing before missed field goals at Fiesta Bowl?

Jan 3, 2012, 1:39 PM EDT

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Stanford Cardinal kicker Williamson sits on the bench after losing in overtime to the Oklahoma State Cowboys during the 2012 Fiesta Bowl in Glendale Reuters

I watched the game and must have missed it, but plenty of folks on Twitter say that Jordan Williamson, the Stanford kicker who missed crucial field goal tries in a 41-38 OT loss to Oklahoma State at the Fiesta Bowl, was Tebowing before at least one of the kicks. (If you don’t know what Tebowing is, well, welcome to Earth, I guess).

The Stanford kicker was Tebowing before both his kicks and it still didn’t work. Tebow magic is dead

@The_Real_ONeil John O’Neil IV
God was too busy making Tim Tebow’s playoff gameplan to help the Stanford kicker.

@KingCelli Michael Corleone
Did you guys check the Stanford kicker #Tebowing before he kicked that first field goal? Lol no Tebow magic, leave the Tebowing to Tebow.

NESN also noticed.

Williamson, of course, was devastated, and his teammates did the best they could to pick him up.

“We trust him,” said linebacker A.J. Tarpley. “We’d put him out there if there was a game tomorrow. Sometimes they don’t go in and sometimes they do. We had a lot of chances to win this game so it’s definitely not his fault.”

In Stanford’s locker room after the game, the scene was very un-fiesta-like. Teammates would stop by Williamson’s locker as a show of support.

“We love him, man,” said defensive end Ben Gardner. “That doesn’t change. He’s been solid as a rock all year. We had no doubt he would make the kick. But shoot, it’s football. Things happen. We all had bad plays tonight. It shouldn’t have come down to just that.”

Well, time to put all this behind us (and since there’s no copllege playoffs in football, that will be easy to do). Time for Stanford to welcome the Brett Nottingham Era.