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Alligator prank at Michigan State football practice goes terribly wrong

Jan 1, 2012, 12:20 PM EDT

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The Michigan State football team is set to play Georgia in the Outback bowl on Monday and head coach Mark Dantonio decided to lighten up his team and pull a prank on them during Thursday’s practice in Tampa, Florida.

Coach Dantonio brought a live alligator to practice and wanted to surprise the players/coaching staff by having someone dressed in Michigan State football gear to wrestle it.

So, Dantonio got an alligator handler to dress up as a player and run over to wrestle the gator, the only issue was that he slipped and fell down as the alligator decided to chomp on his leg:

“It was crazy, I wasn’t going near it,” said senior wide receiver Keshawn Martin. Senior wide receiver Keith Nichol said when the alligator clamped on the guy’s leg, it wasn’t part of the intended show and started to back away. “I watch too much ‘Animal Planet,’ ” he said.

Nichol said the gator’s chomp was so quick they couldn’t even see it. “It was incredible,” Nichol said.

“We’re trying to make life moments down here,” Dantonio said. “We wanted to do something they’ll remember the rest of their life. I think they’ll remember that one.”

The handler ended up being okay after the gator was removed from his leg and hopefully, the Spartan football players learned from this prank that alligators are not to be trusted.


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  1. goforthanddie - Jan 1, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Next time, just make it a proper human sacrifice. That gets the message across better.

    • ghalas80 - Jan 2, 2012 at 9:43 PM

      Reminds me of how Bears coach, Mike Ditka, wanted to prove how tough he was when he brought an alligator to practice.
      He dropped his pants and had the gator bite his manhood and after a minute poked it in the eye with a pencil to make it let go.
      He then asked all of his players if there was anyone else who would do that.
      That’s when the Fridge said he would as long as the coach wouldn’t poke him in the eye with his pencil like he did the gator.