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Trending in Mexico: Housewives becoming pro wrestlers

Dec 27, 2011, 11:48 AM EDT

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Mexican lucha libre wrestler Chispita jumps over another wrestler, Catrina, during a street match in Mexico City

Christmas at our house is always the same: Dad plays the piano, mom whips up her famous chocolate gingerbread cookies, and grandma catches Uncle Dale in a perfect leg lariat and forces him to submit in the first round. That’s unusual in this country, but not in Mexico, where a growing number of women are turning to professional wrestling to help make ends meet.

The bouts pay between $10 to $200 – a pittance compared to the lucrative contracts earned by male competitors – but in a country where the average annual wage is $6,000.

And the sport, which is steadily growing in popularity, is also providing an outlet for victims of domestic violence keen to stand up to their abusers.

Shown above is Chispita (Little Spark), jumping over another wrestler, Catrina, during a street match in Mexico City recently. Catrina, 56, is a grandmother of seven, by the way. They call it Lucha libre wrestling in Mexico, in which most participants wear masks and take on secret identities. It’s hugely popular, so I hear. And from the looks of it, some bouts are not well regulated.

I’m guessing you won’t see any of the Top Ten Wrestling Moves of All Time in these bouts. But I could be wrong.

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