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Podcast: Playboy model Jessa Hinton on hanging with Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali and why we hate our heroes

Dec 19, 2011, 1:41 PM EDT


Welcome to episode four of the OTB podcast “Harassing the Pros With Josiah Schlatter,” this week featuring Playboy model and Top Rank Boxing reporter Jessa Hinton (right), who recently spent a few weeks hanging out at the camp of Manny Pacquiao. For those without speakers, we’ve included some highlights below. For the audio inclined, you can find the podcast here.

How do you deal with being a beautiful lady in a room full of adrenaline driven sweaty men?

It’s hard at first to be taken seriously, but when they realize I know my stuff and can actually keep a conversation with them, it turns into a not too intimidating experience. It becomes friendly.

Are you afraid of the Erin Andrews situation where your beautiful-ness is taken advantage of in the wrong way?

No, because I’d slap somebody (laughs). If anything happens, I’m more of a Tom boy myself. I never had any problems, nobody’s ever disrespected me but if something did happen then yeah, I would call them out on it and make them pay for what they did.

You’ve spent a lot of time with Manny Pacquiao and must know a lot of his deep dark inner secrets he won’t share with anyone. Is there any chance you could share some of them?

Well, everybody’s been talking about the Mayweather fight, and to the best of my knowledge it will be happening sometime next year.

So it WILL be happening?

I’ll bet that it is.

source:  Manny’s a quiet guy who sings a lot, but he’s also probably the toughest guy alive. Which side do you like best?

I like his softer side. He’s really soft spoken, a gentleman. He really cares about his fans and will talk to as many people as he can, and that’s something I really respect about him and that’s why he’s one of my favorite boxers.

Can you believe a guy so soft spoken and nice could go into a ring and destroy someone so viciously?

No, they’re like two different people! He puts on this mask and becomes super aggressive and crazy, and when he’s done with the mask he’s talking to the fans like nothing ever happened. He’s like Superman! A congressman, a boxer, a dad.

Is his country okay with him boxing first and being a congressman second?

They’re so proud of him. Every time he wins a fight they have some kind of medal or honor, and that’s another reason that keeps him so motivated because he’s making them so proud.

Why do we tear down our heroes in America, and find any way to hate them?

Misery loves company? If we’re failing, we want to see others fail too? One thing I think people forget is these people are human! Look at yourself and what have you done, what have you accomplished today? Are you a congressman in the Philippines? Are you a world champion boxer? I think people should stop criticizing and start appreciating what we have. We should celebrate!

What do you think about girls who don’t let their boys watch football?

I think that’s ridiculous. I think that’s a guy’s free will. It’s like telling a girl she can’t go shopping. Why not go shopping on a day where your guy is watching football, get your nails done. It makes no sense. How about be a good girlfriend and sit down and watch a game with them!

So you’ve met Floyd [Mayweather]; how’s he as a person, is he alright?

Uhhh….. He’s a great boxer.

AHAHAHHAAHAH, that’s what I hear from everybody. I was a fan… until Floyd opened his mouth.

Yeah, and that’s how I feel about Ali as well. You can say he’s a great boxer, and I’m not going to doubt that, but I’m not going to say he’s the nicest of people.

Photos: Courtesy Jessa Hinton.

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