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Rafael Nadal pranks Davis Cup teammate David Ferrer with shaving cream (video)

Dec 10, 2011, 2:24 PM EDT

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Nadal-secures-Davis-Cup-title-for-Spain-VJLTHLS-x-large Getty Images

One word to describe tennis star Rafael Nadal is prankster as fellow Spanish Davis Cup teammate David Ferrer found out before their scheduled final against Argentina.

As Ferrer relaxed on a massage table in their dressing room, Nadal decided to take some shaving cream and place it on the top of Ferrer’s nose.

Nadal keeps the prank going for a few seconds until an awakened Ferrer decides to put a stop to Nadal’s reign of shaving cream terror:

I guess the prank must have been a nice relaxation tool as Spain went onto win the Davis Cup.


Rafael Nadal plays a prank on David Ferrer [On The Go Tennis]