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Wakeup Call: Tony Siragusa helps Kris Humphries build a bachelor pad on ‘Man Caves’ (sad, really)

Dec 9, 2011, 9:00 AM EDT


Of course you’re familiar with the show on the DIY Network, Man Caves, in which Tony Siragusa helps guys build rooms where they can watch sports and drink heavily. I was just over at their web site, and it’s full of helpful do-it-yourself instructions and projects (how to install an exhaust fan! … Who cut this wainscoting?).

Well, according to TMZ, Kris Humphries was scheduled to be on the show to build a room “where a married guy could escape for a little man time.” But it turns out the Kris now has more man time than he bargained for, after Kim Kardashian demanded a divorce.

So Humphries is now getting a bachelor room, just like in that one Brady Bunch episode where Greg converts the basement into a groovy bachelor pad. TMZ:

We’re told Goose and contractor Jason Cameron came up with a “chill lounge” concept — complete with a couple of bars, liquor dispensers and a wall that transforms into a 120 inch projection screen.

Nothing to soothe the sting of a shattered romance like a nail gun and a miter saw.

Photo: Courtesy DIY Network.


Dad bites off man’s finger at Nativity Christmas play … pah rum pum pum, pum …


I’ve said from the beginning of this story arc that Kelly should be the one wearing the muzzle.

  1. tomtravis76 - Dec 9, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    Who told Humphries he was a star? He is only known as the ex-husband of Kim K. The dude comes off as not very bright. I just saw that GMA interview, you would think he just ripped about 10 bong hits with how slow he is to react to anything.