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UFC’s Rashad Evans makes Jerry Sandusky joke: ‘I’m going put my hands on you worse than that dude at Penn State’ (video)

Dec 8, 2011, 6:18 PM EDT


UFC president Dana White is denouncing a joke made by Rashad Evans at a pre-fight press conference on Wednesday, in which Evans referenced Jerry Sandusky during some trash talk with opponent Phil Davis. The two meet at UFC 140 on Jan. 28.

Evans’ “joke”:

“I guarantee you’ll be the first one to take a shot cause I’m going to put my hands on you worse than that dude did them other kids at Penn State.”

White, today:

“We talked,” said White, who called Evans’ remark “one of the dumbest things you could say,” in light of the child abuse allegations against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. According to White, he didn’t have to convince Evans that he’d made a mistake in using the story as a topical reference point at the UFC on FOX presser in Chicago yesterday.

But here are some things you should know:

  • White was there, and laughed at the remark. White is at the podium, and after laughing when Evans says it, he continues to smile broadly while looking for Davis’ reaction. Quite a contrast to the dismay he shows in his later remarks.
  • Davis attended Penn State. Which makes the comment particularly heinous.
  • Not funny. You can get away with a lot, especially at an MMA press conference, if your quote is funny. This was like a bad roast. Joke did not even really make sense.

Dana White: Rashad Evans’ Penn State Joke ‘One of the Dumbest Things You Could Say’ [MMA Fighting]

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    Too soon?

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