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In which a fisherman is stabbed through the mouth by a marlin (yikes) (video)

Dec 2, 2011, 3:31 PM EDT


This, friends, is a computer graphic recreation of what can happen when you land a giant game fish that has a huge spear for a nose. Stephen Schultz was fishing off the coast of Pinas Bay, Panama, when he hooked a 600-pound black marlin, and after a 25-minute fight, the fish jumped into the boat — spearing Schultz right through the mouth. The beak also pierced his cheek and nasal cavity before the fish dislodged and fell back off the boat.

Describing the moment he was impaled by the fish, Stephen, from Marietta, Georgia, said “He jumped once, facing away from the boat and turned around in mid-air; he was about 15 feet away; went back into the water, made one more jump toward the back of the boat and his bill struck me on the left side of the face and knocked me onto the ground.”

His sister Alison, who filmed the accident, said: “I wasn’t too sure what happens when you go deep sea fishing. I wasn’t sure if they were supposed to be that close. So I was like, I’ll get this on film. Then it was in the boat. Before I could react, it was already at us. So I just kept rolling.”

Schultz says he’s fine now, by the way. No word on what happened to the marlin, however. My belief is that another fisherman killed his father, and he was seeking revenge.

Amazing moment angler hooks 600lb marlin… before giant fish spears fisherman through the mouth [Daily Mail]

  1. 12is3times4 - Dec 4, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    If a baseball team named after me changed their perfectly good logos and color scheme to some Day-Glo nightmare that looks like something out of ‘Boogie Nights’, I just might be p!$$ed off enough to stab someone in the face too.

  2. sasquash20 - Dec 5, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    I hope they sold the fish. That is worth a nice chunk of change