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Matador who got gored in the face anxious to return to the ring

Nov 28, 2011, 1:33 PM EDT

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This gentleman here is Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla, and the reason he looks like this is because a bull did a tap dance on his body and gored him in the face back in October. While spending a month in the hospital, Padilla reevaluated his life … and determined that the slow torture of innocent animals while risking one’s own life is barbaric and insane. Just kidding! He wants to get back in the ring as soon as possible and give the bulls a shot at removing his remaining eye.

Here’s a closeup of Senor Padilla’s face. He was blinded in his left eye and suffered partial face paralysis as a result of the goring. He underwent surgery to repair nerve damage six days ago.

It is hoped the operation will recover around 80 percent mobility in his face.

Mr Padilla said: “I want to thank the Hospital Virgen del Rocio and the entire medical team for giving me the opportunity to return to normal life and giving me the hope of returning to the arena.”

(Bull sharpening his horns on a metal grinder: “Yeah, hurry back.”).

source: AP
Photo: AP