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MMA fighter killed by falling cow

Nov 22, 2011, 5:40 PM EDT


What a way to go. An up-and-coming mixed martial arts fighter from Scotland was killed in a freak accident at a slaughterhouse in the town of Paisley, Scotland, on Monday, when a cow carcass fell on him. Alexander McCrae, who was training with the Dinky Ninja Fight Team in Dumbarton, had worked at the slaughterhouse for only one month before the accident. He had planned to into MMA fighting full time in the near future.

Head coach John Nicolson said: “Ally was such a joker and when I heard the bizarre circumstances of the accident yesterday, I thought for a second that he might be playing a really silly joke.

“He was known for his banter, both in the gym and on the internet, so we sort of expected to see him post on his Facebook that this was all a bad joke.

“It’s such a tragedy.”

It is believed Ally suffered a heart attack when a carcass fell from a hook on a conveyor system and hit him on the head. The Health and Safety Executive are probing Thursday’s tragedy.

Working in a slaughterhouse — they call them abattoirs over there — sounds like incredibly dangerous work; I’m surprised there aren’t more serious accidents. Or perhaps there are, and you just never hear about them.

Abbatoir worker crushed to death by cow was mixed martial arts fighter [The Daily Record]

  1. lbroberts123 - Nov 23, 2011 at 7:31 AM

    Thumbs up if you read the coach’s comments in a Scottish accent.