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English soccer team has sportsbook QR code shaved into their heads

Nov 11, 2011, 2:19 PM EDT

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Bromley FC model first ever QR cuts ahead of FA Cup clash

Good news for soccer betting enthusiasts: now you can scan your favorite player’s head with your smart phone and go straight to an online sportsbook site. The players for Bromly FC, an English Southern Conference team, have a deal with the online wagering firm Betfair in which all the players have QR codes shaved into the back of their heads for their FA Cup match against Leyton Orient on Saturday. A QR code, as you know, is basically a fancy barcode that stores more information.

Stylist Daniel Johnson, who also looks after the hair of bigger-named footballers Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Young and Jermain Defoe, has been chosen to shave the Quick Response codes (dubbed “QR Cuts”) into the back of the player’s noggins. And each intricate style will take over an hour to achieve.

Team manager Mark Goldberg is thrilled that Bromley was chosen for the first of a kind stunt: “This is a great tie up for the club, a little unconventional, but great nonetheless,” he says. “The lads were shocked when I asked them to take part but they know what this could mean for the club and they’re looking forward to showing them off in our biggest game of the season on Saturday.”

Alex Blake from Betfair is also hoping that the team use their heads in more ways than one: “Everybody loves an underdog, that’s what this competition is all about,” he says. “We wanted to show our support for the teams outside of the Football League and this is the perfect opportunity to do that. We want to ensure our campaign is seen and remembered so we are hoping for a fair few headers in the match to get spectators’ reaching for their smartphones.”

But why deface the players instead of putting the bar codes on their jerseys? I guess it gets people talking. At any rate, beach volleyball has already tried this, and the bar codes were put on a much more interesting surface.

This idea would have endless potential for NFL helmets.

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