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UFC President Dana White on Forrest Griffin’s Twitter rape comment: ‘It wasn’t a joke’

Nov 10, 2011, 12:02 PM EDT

Forrest Griffin AP

In today’s episode of Who’s Sorry Now? we have former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, who should know better than to joke about rape on his Twitter account. Twice. And then tell a woman who complains about the tweets “nobody cares.”

But UFC President Dana White has come to Griffin’s defense, saying that the fighter wasn’t really joking about rape: He was engaging in social commentary. Read the evidence below, and you be the judge.

Here’s the tweet that Griffin sent to his 174,000 followers on Tuesday:

Rape is the new missionary

He had sent the same tweet a couple hours earlier as well. It’s since been deleted, but it was captured by the MMA blog Bloody Elbow. This exchange followed:

@TinaMarieTXs Christina Gonzalez
Yeah just unfollowed @ForrestGriffin bc he said rape is the new missionary, completely inappropriate.

@TinaMarieTXs Keep it to yourself nobody cares.

Griffin then tweeted that following him “was a privilege.” But when one woman tweeted that she was a rape survivor, be backed off.

I’m sorry I’m gonna go ahead and put myself of twitter restriction until next week.

Today, White came to Griffin’s defense. Via Bloody Elbow:

“It wasn’t a joke. I’m glad you asked me that question. What happened was, I contacted Forrest and Forrest is a mess now about this whole thing. Believe me, take it from a guy who has been in this situation. What happened was, Forrest Griffin said he woke up that morning and turned on his television and the whole thing about Paterno and what’s going on over there at Penn State, he said he literally switched the channel to another channel and they were talking about a woman who had been raped. The third channel he went to was another story about rape. His thing was that ‘rape is the new missionary,’ like it’s vanilla like it’s normal, when you change the channel it’s on every channel.

… you don’t go out on Twitter where you can only do so many characters and say something like that. Then once everyone started attacking him, he started attacking back on Twitter. It’s one of those situations. Let me tell you what man, I’m the first guy who always says ‘people will make mistakes’ and this and that will happen. Forrest Griffin is a very, very good human being.”

If the UFC didn’t have this new TV deal with Fox, I doubt that White would have taken the time to engage in this damage control. At any rate, the network can’t be thrilled with the prospect of dozens of crazy UFC fighters with access to Twitter. Fox execs must wake up in the middle of the night with flop sweat.

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  1. unknowneric - Nov 13, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    “No, seriously… it wasn’t a joke. Hide your kids, hide your wife, cause Griffin’s rapin’ er’rybody out here!”

    /negative 10 points for old meme