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David Freese HR jersey headed to Hall of Fame

Oct 28, 2011, 10:03 AM EDT

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Here’s the jersey that was literally ripped off the back of the Cardinals’ David Freese following his walkoff homer in Game 6 on Thursday night. It’s something not seen since the Beatles stopped touring in 1966: an actual rending of garments by crazed fans. Or in this case of course, teammates.

The tattered jersey, and the bat, are headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame, according to Major League Baseball public relations. Freese can keep the pants. St. Louis Today:

The jersey is torn because of the “shredding” practice that the Cardinals have adopted for some late-season celebrations. The “Shredder” is the nickname given to Nick Punto, who this season has gone up to teammates, grabbed them by the top button of their dresse shirts and yanking. The result is a spectacularly explosion of buttons, collars, and thread — or a “shred.”

Meanwhile, fans can pick up one of these babies and shred their own. I have a feeling that the kid in the shredded Freese jersey will be a popular sight on Halloween.

source: Reuters