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Fairway to Heaven: now there’s a cemetery exclusively for golfers

Oct 18, 2011, 10:03 AM EDT

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Ever dream that your final resting place would be the place where you regularly cursed, drank beer and threw your clubs? Now that dream can come true, as a cemetery in Bellevue, WA, has made the first section devoted exclusively to golfers. Um, I’ll play through, thanks.

But you may like it. At Sunset Hills Memorial Golf Park you can be buried next to the green, on the green, next to the water hazard or even cremated, with your ashes interned in a sand trap.

“So for golfers who spend a lot of time in the bunker — they’re free to spend eternity in the bunker at Sunset Hills,” said Arnes Swanson, the man behind the idea.

Swanson said he came up with the idea after golfing with his son. “A family came out to the fairway, and we observed them scattering their loved one on the fairway. And I thought to myself immediately, ‘There’s got to be a better way.'”

The KOMO News story says that members of the PGA and the LPGA have been invited to attend next Tuesday’s official dedication, and I’ll be interested to see who shows up. Hopefully they’ve also invited Charles Barkley, who should have a statue there.

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