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This fight between cameramen outside the NBA meetings was not exactly Ali-Foreman (video)

Oct 11, 2011, 11:46 AM EDT

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If you needed more proof that cameramen are the nerdiest creatures on the face of the earth, here it is. Nerves were on edge on Monday night outside of this Manhattan hotel where league and union officials were trying to negotiate an end to the NBA lockout (David Stern officially canceled the first two weeks of the regular season, so yeah, it’s going well). Then, for some reason, these two cameramen decided to unleash their fists of fury — which actually looked more like a fight between Paul from Wonder Years and Glass Joe from Mike Tyson’s Punchout. Who ya got? Place your bets, folks.

Best features of this video:

  • The weak leg kicks.
  • At one point a cab toots its horn, so the combatants politely move to the sidewalk.
  • Instead of rushing to break it up, bystanders mill about, barely interested.
  • At the mere mention of the word “cops,” both immediately quit and walk away.

So in other words I don’t think either have to worry about being recruited by the Hell’s Angels.

UPDATE (from Jake Langbecker of

It started during the Derek Fisher press conference as the two men were jostling for position to shoot the interview. They began cursing at each other which proved to be very disruptive for those of us mature journalists that were just trying to capture Fisher’s comments on audio.

After about 2-3 interruptions from these media bafoons, TNT’s David Aldridge had enough. He told them to “Take that shi* down the street.” The cameramen remained for the rest of the interview and stayed relatively quiet but we did not think they would take Aldridge’s words seriously.

As you can see in the video exclusively captured by CHARGED below, the guys did indeed take it down the street.