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Yes, the Kickball World Championship will be held in Las Vegas on Saturday, and it will be glorious

Oct 7, 2011, 12:37 PM EDT

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Kickball, the game you dominated in the fourth grade (actual events may not be exactly as you remember them), is on the rise. Fun fact: There are adult kickball leagues in 35 states in the U.S., as well as England and yes, Iraq. Their version of the Lombardi Trophy, called the Founders Cup, will be on the line on Saturday at the 14th Annual World Kickball Championship in Las Vegas, the biggest event in the sport. More than 60 teams will compete for the title, which comes with a $20,000 check (which must be caught before it bounces). Huffington Post:

“There is a lower skill requirement compared to other sports,” said Johnny LeHane, co-founder of the World Adult Kickball Association (or, WAKA). “Anyone can play. It’s a really fun game. We decided, ‘Why should we stop playing it when we stop having recess?'”

“A lot of the players are former Division 1 [college] athletes,” he said. “This sport is especially attractive to soccer players, because it requires good ball control, and baseball players also can use the base-running strategy they’ve learned.”

My favorite quote:

“One of the things that’s unique about kickball is that it’s not all about big kicks. You have to do a lot of run manufacturing. Bunting is more common. Sometimes, it’s bunt, bunt, bunt. It’s not just about booting.”

Oh, and tournament rules require that each team has at least four female players. Saturday’s action will be at Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas. And on Sunday there will be another kickball event, the Circuit Championship Cup, at UNLV. Can there be such a thing as too much kickball? I think not.

By the way, what you dominated in grade school was four square. You sucked at kickball.

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