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Time to worry, Detroit fans: Real lions seem indifferent toward Chicago Bears effigy (video)

Oct 6, 2011, 7:07 PM EDT

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The idea one supposes was that members of the Detroit Zoo would stuff a Chicago Bears piñata with meat and place it in their lion enclosure, the savage beasts pouncing on it and mauling it horribly, leaving only small scraps. And all of that would be a precursor to the destruction that the NFL Lions would rain upon the Chicago Bears on Sunday. What actually happened was less than dramatic, however.

As you can see, one lion gently tips over the piñata, which startles the lion and makes it jump back. Then the male lumbers over and there’s a lot of sniffing, but I wouldn’t exactly call it an attack. The female lions, in fact, seem a lot more interested in the kids watching them behind the plexiglass. Which should be worrisome.

Game prediction based on this: 3-0, Bears.

Detroit Zoo Feeds Chicago Bears Pinata to Real Lions [Larry Brown Sports]