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In which Steve Avery thinks he wins a new car, but dealership says no

Oct 4, 2011, 1:31 PM EDT

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You may know former MLB pitcher Steve Avery from such hits as an 18-8 record with the Atlanta Braves 1991, or his stints with the Reds, Red Sox and Tigers. But he also had great years at Kennedy High School in Trenton Mich., where he returned recently for the school’s homecoming football game. It was at that game that Avery, 41, had his name drawn in a raffle for a chance to win a two-year lease on a Ford Mustang, sponsored by Taylor Ford. All he had to do was throw a football through a small target from 20 yards away within 30 seconds … or so everyone thought.

Fans in the stands, and Avery himself, seemed to believe that he had won the car when he hit the target with a few seconds remaining.

A video posted on Taylor Ford’s Facebook page shows Avery throwing his hands in the air and celebrating after he makes the throw.

Tricia Reed, who is in charge of leasing and customer relations at Taylor Ford, said there was confusion about the rules. She said that he had 30 seconds to hit 10 targets, not just the one that he did.

“They knew it at the ticket booths, and it was printed on the tickets, so I’m not sure where the confusion came from,” she said.

The photo of Avery posing with a football, the target and Taylor Ford employees has been taken off the dealership’s Facebook page.

So he had 30 seconds to nail the target 10 times? That’s once every three seconds … impossible. Well, except for Aaron Rodgers. Stupid Taylor Ford.

The dealership did give the school a $9,000 earlier in the day, however.

Fun fact: The contest rules prohibited pro football players from winning the prize … as if NFL quarterbacks were going to flock to Trenton, Mich., and buy up all the raffle tickets.

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