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Want to hear a compilation of the worst Star-Spangled Banners ever sung? Wait … come back! (Video)

Sep 28, 2011, 1:49 PM EDT

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Cyndi Lauper AP

A while back I wrote a column asking whether its time to retire The Star-Spangled Banner as our National Anthem. Many said yes, many said no, and a few simply mailed in Anthrax powder. Perhaps you should have seen this video before you made your decision, however. has, for some reason, compiled the worst National Anthem renditions into one song, some artists getting no more than one, horrible note. All your favorites are there: Carl Lewis, Christina Aguilera, Fergie, Maurice Cheeks, Roseanne — and a very confused Cyndi Lauper at the 2011 U.S. Open. And more. The result: the worst National Anthem ever sung. Um, enjoy?

Our National Anthem has taken a terrible beating over the years, as one can see. But much like the flag in the Francis Scott Key poem from which the song was derived, it’s still there.

Watch the worst National Anthem ever [Popdust]