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The Nude Blacks ride again: this time taking on the Romanian Vampires

Sep 27, 2011, 2:33 PM EDT

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When last we left the Nude Blacks — an all-nude rugby team from New Zealand — they had just battled the Spanish women’s team Las Conquistadoras and come out on the, um, short end, 25-20. Still stinging from being beaten by girls, the Nudes sought to restore their honor against the Romanian Nude Vampires at Larnach castle in Dunedin, NZ, near one of the venues where the regular, non-nude Rugby World Cup is being played. Yep, nude vampires. And to answer your next question, of course both teams did a naked haka dance before the match (photos linked below).

Oh, and for some reason there was a streaker.

From a Yahoo New Zealand story last week (somewhat NSFW), written before the match:

The Nude Blacks first took to the pitch in 2002 and what started as a joke as part of a backpackers’ festival has now turned into something much more.

Hundreds of spectators watched the team take on the Spanish Conquistadores and people from all over come to watch the Nude Blacks play.

They next game against the Romanian Vampires is sure to be an interesting one.

“We hear they are sharp on attack but we want to stake our claim again as the premiers of International Nude Rugby after last week’s aberration,” Nude Rugby Organiser Ralph Davies told reporters.

“There is a good support base for the Romanians and we welcome expressions of interest for players of Romanian extraction to put their hands up.”

He said hands.

I’m not sure who won this, but from the look of the photos the Vampires dominated. At any rate New Zealand seems to be obsessed with naked sporting events, which would be OK except that they seem to involve fewer and fewer women.

As Monty Python once said, there’s nothing embarrassing or nasty about the human body, except for the intestines, and bits of the bottom. Still, the photos linked here are mostly NSFW.

The ones below are safe, I guess.

source: Reuters

source: Reuters

source: Reuters

source: Reuters

source: Getty Images