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HS cross country runner carries bleeding opponent half a mile for help

Sep 22, 2011, 11:08 AM EDT

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Raise your glass today, if you would, to Andover High School (Minn.) cross-country runner Josh Ripley, who went above and beyond the call of duty recently when he found a rival runner in peril. Josh was competing in a meet when he heard the screams of Lakeville South runner Mark Paulauskas, whose foot was bleeding.

Josh knew he needed to help. While other competitors in the Applejack Invite in Lakeville ran by, Josh stopped to see what was wrong.

Yep, as other competitors ran by. Pretty cutthroat, this world of high school cross country. And keep in mind that this was the junior varsity meet.

But Ripley knew what he had to to. Thinking that his opponent may have punctured his Achilles tendon (he’d been spiked), he picked him up and carried him a half mile to get help. Ripley then, of course, rejoined the race.

When someone told Josh’s coach, Scott Clark, that Josh was carrying another runner, Clark said he thought he misheard.

“Then Josh comes jogging into view carrying a runner,” Clark said. “I noticed the blood on the runner’s ankle as Josh handed him off to one of the coaches from Lakeville. Josh was tired and you could tell his focus was off as he started back on the course, clearly he intended to finish, this happening inside the first mile. I got his attention and told him to relax and get his focus back for racing and not worry about his place. Josh continued to run and finished.”

You know what Ripley is? He’s, like, the Aquaman of the land.

So, that should help start your day. Now back to stories about NFL players faking injuries.

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