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Soccer is officially the gayest sport in the world … not that there’s anything wrong with that (video)

Sep 9, 2011, 11:47 AM EDT

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There seems to be a battle occurring right now for soccer’s very soul, fought between the sport’s purists and the, well, not so pure. To dive, or not to dive? To celebrate, or not to celebrate? As for third division squad HIK Finland, they choose to dance. The team has become rather notorious for its elaborate goal celebrations, and this one is off the charts.

HIK striker Marcello Matrone scores against FCK, and then races to sideline with two teammates to drag out some props. What follows is a Shakira dance number to the tune of her World Cup-inspired song Waka Waka. Um, enjoy?

Here’s A Shakira Goal Celebration From Finnish Side HIK [Outside the Boxscore]