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Willis McGahee’s Porsche gets damaged by errant throw from Kyle Orton

Aug 27, 2011, 10:40 AM EDT

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys Getty Images

On Thursday, Denver Broncos practice got a little bit interesting when an errant throw from quarterback Kyle Orton sailed into the parking lot and broke the windshield of one of the player’s cars.

Here is the Twitter play-by-play from Denver Post writer Lindsay Jones:

Inc pass into the end zone just cracked windshield on Porshe in players parking lot. Whoops.

Orton. Came in fast + hard. Off the Bounce. RT @Jeff_Thornton: @PostBroncos Wasn’t a Tebow pass, was it?

For what its worth, only about 10 yards from back of end zone to the players’ parking lot. No fence. Not some crazy errant pass here.

Mystery solved: The Porsche belongs to Willis McGahee

Now, if that was my Porsche, I would have freaked out but Willis decided to take it in stride knowing that the Broncos would be paying for a new windshield as we learn from Max Denver Sports Andrew Mason:

Willis McGahee came over to examine the damaged windshield on his Porsche. He said it’s no big deal b/c he needed a new car, anyway.

For once, we have a Denver Broncos quarterback accuracy story that didn’t include Tim Tebow…oh wait.


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  1. Dirty D Fo - Aug 27, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    If he gets a new car… Can I have his old one?