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Wakeup Call: Bethany golf team suspended for showing their niblicks in team calendar

Aug 23, 2011, 9:00 AM EDT


Bethany College is a small Lutheran school in Lindsborg, Kansas, but their men’s golf team has big ambitions. To that end they put out a team calendar this year. And what he hell, why not make it nude? All 15 members of the team posed starkers with strategically placed golf clubs to cover their genitals.

The athletic director was not impressed. And since he’s also the golf coach, that spelled trouble. Jon Daniels suspended the team for three tournaments because of the picture, which also ended up on Facebook.

Daniels was caught by surprise when someone e-mailed him the photo.

“I had no idea they were doing it,” Daniels said. “After one of (the golfers) put it on Facebook, then it got sent to me.

“I’ve been around a long time and I think this is a case of young people who just don’t think beyond the moment and don’t realize who they’re hurting.”

Exactly who were they hurting, again? The answer is unclear. In fact, this is a bonanza for sports bloggers — the golf-related jokes are endless. Just start with ball washer and go from there.

“Until someone sat them down and explained that they did something wrong, they didn’t have any idea,” Daniels said. “But I think they understand now.”

Oh really? Then why did team captain Jack Hiscock tell KAKE News that the team would appeal the suspension to the school president?

This is a bid deal for Bethany, which has won 11 of the past 15 KCAC championships. They compete in the NAIA.

Hey, their nickname is The Swedes. Nudity was inevitable.


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  1. spowell4455 - Aug 24, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    Jon Daniels needs to remove the golf club tightly lodged up his butt and get over it. A bunch of college boys took their clothes off and someone photographed it. The only people offended by that are the middle aged, fat men who are jealous.