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The Beatdown: Fox deal next step in making UFC ‘the biggest sport in the world’

Aug 22, 2011, 6:08 PM EDT

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UFC President Dana White has said for years that the UFC will one day be the biggest sport in the world. I’ve always believed that statement because fighting is the easiest sport to understand and translates across all cultures, unlike football or soccer, which have trouble crossing the border.

One giant step in that direction was making it to prime time network television, which White always said would happen once the “right deal” came along. That deal came last week, when a seven-year agreement with FOX was announced. Four major events per year will be aired on the network, with other UFC events and programming to be shown on FOX-owned FX and Fuel.

“This is what I always wanted, what I always thought was the pinnacle for us,” White told Sports Illustrated. “This partnership is going to take this sport to the next level. Those people that thought I was a lunatic, saying this was going to be the biggest sport in the world, this is the next step.”

Before the deal was even announced, former light heavyweight champ Vitor Belfort came out to proclaim that the sport would soon be more popular in Brazil than soccer. Yes, soccer. In Brazil. A Brazilian athlete said that.

“Listen to this, I know it sounds crazy, but we’re going to overcome soccer in Brazil in three years,” he said. “And I know that for a fact because wherever UFC goes, [it] overcomes everybody. I’m not a crazy dreamer. This is reality. UFC, get ready.”

Anybody in any part of the world can watch a UFC fight today and understand 90 percent of what’s going on. The same can’t be said for a sport like football, as immensely popular as it is in the U.S. You don’t need to review a rule book to understand that the guy getting punched in the head isn’t winning. My grandma, horrified as she may be, can tell when a nice young man’s arm is bending the wrong way. The intricacies can be learned later. It’s a fight. It’s the oldest sport on earth, it’s only recently been recognized as one. Drunks are competing every weekend in local bars.

White continues to believe they’ve only scratched the surface of how popular the sport can be. Crazy to think so, but I say he’s right. The UFC’s world takeover may have just begun.

“This isn’t the end, because we still have a lot of work to do,” White said. “Millions of people have never seen the UFC. That’s hard for guys like you and me to believe, because we exist in this tiny bubble, but not only is the UFC not mainstream yet, it’s not even close. This is an opportunity for us to take it to that next level.

“This is another platform and a way we can let people know that these are the greatest athletes in the world and that this is the greatest sport in the world. I always say that once you see your first live fight, you’re hooked, but I think just getting this out to as many people as we’re going to be able to reach as a result of this deal can’t be overstated.”

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Tim Gilmour is a sports reporter and author of the humor blog His column appears each Monday. For more MMA coverage, click here.

  1. trbowman - Aug 22, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    You couldn’t pay me to watch the UFC.

    • vikesfansteve - Aug 23, 2011 at 3:50 PM


      Wrestlers who can barely punch always trying to put each other in a submission hold. This is a sport girls like to watch. 2 greased up dudes rolling on a mat. That guy wearing the tiny speedo in his bout is a great photo description of UFC. What about Dana White proclaiming Jake Shields as the best pound for pound fighter in the world & the workouts he does amazing prior to him loosing to that dumb lump of skin St Pierre. The same Shields who had trouble handling a bully on that MTV show. YAWN.

      • progress2011 - Aug 27, 2011 at 11:35 PM

        trbowman & vikesfansteve ….I challenge you to:
        1.Go to a local MMA gym ( not one of the big box gyms that just have an aerobic instructor telling you to punch the air )and workout ( that’s if you even exercise ).

        2. Go to an actual gym with punching bags, gloves etc and where actual MMA fighters train you. You will probably throw up your lunch after 15 minutes.

        3. Professional boxers have been unable to complete the advanced level workouts

        4. Pick your best professional boxer of all time and put him in the ring with any current MMA champion and he MIGHT last one round…MAYBE !!!

        5. If you do choose to workout at one of the MMA gyms, led by an MMA fighter, I can guarantee you, you will have a new found respect for the skill, endurance, stamina and knowledge it takes to be an MMA fighter.

  2. drmonkeyarmy - Aug 22, 2011 at 11:09 PM

    Why are you making a big deal that a Brazillian fighter said the UFC will be bigger than soccer? He is an employee of the organization, of course he is going to say that. And Rick, soccer doesn’t seem to have a problem crossing all borders…bad example on that one.

    • Rick Chandler - Aug 22, 2011 at 11:36 PM

      My apologies — I forgot to add Tim Gilmour’s byline this week. Fixed.