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Wakeup Call: Man arrested for DUI in demolition derby (which he won)

Aug 15, 2011, 9:00 AM EDT


We take you now to the Jessamine County (Ken.) Fair, where Nicholasville police say 36-year-old David Warner was driving suspiciously all evening. Weaving, colliding with other cars: he was a menace. So they detained him and sure enough, he was drunk. So they charged him with DUI. Oh, did I mention Warner was driving in the fair’s demolition derby at the time?

Police say that they received complaints about Warner’s driving during the derby itself, so they waited until it was over, and approached him when he got out of his car. Police say he was “staggering,” and having trouble standing up. So they gave him a sobriety test and arrested him for DUI.

Of course Warner won the event. Yep. But that didn’t impress the County Fair president.

“The young man has no future here as far as events. He will not be allowed to participate in any event on these fairgrounds,” Jessamine County Fair board president Jay Bruner said.

Warner talked to NEWSFIRST Thursday afternoon saying he was unfairly treated, and called the charge ridiculous.

“I mean, I’m not denying I wasn’t drinking by no means, but I was not drunk. I was under the limit,” Warner said. Warner claims he drank a few beers before hitting the track, to “loosen me up,” but he said it wasn’t enough to warrant a DUI.

“I’m not perfect, but this has gone too far, and I will fight it,” he said.

I guess the way you can tell that a demolition derby driver is drunk is that he’s the one using his turn signal and not crashing into other cars.


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Panel 1: I’m fairly confident that sentence has never actually been uttered in the history of mankind.

  1. hittfamily - Aug 16, 2011 at 1:59 AM

    I thought private property had different rules. I thought kids could drive vehicles on private property that would be unlawful to drive on public roads. Wouldn’t this fall into the same category. Lord knows I have driven golf carts on the golf course while drinking. Could I be arrested for that?