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Dana White: ‘Floyd Mayweather is what’s wrong with boxing’

Jul 22, 2011, 1:40 PM EDT

Dana White

First you should know that Dana White and Floyd Mayweather have a history together. White spent a good portion of his childhood in Las Vegas, and began a professional training career there. And he’s argued with Mayweather in the past about boxing vs. mixed martial arts, at one point challenging Mayweather to get into the UFC ring with one of his fighters, which Mayweather did not accept.

Then on Wednesday White appeared on WFAN in New York to discuss the possibility of MAA coming to New York (don’t hold your breath), and the conversation came around to Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. White:

I’m a huge, huge Manny Pacquiao fan. He is boxing right now. Floyd Mayweather, and Floyd and I go way back and I told Floyd to his face too, Floyd is one of the big problems with boxing. Holding out, not taking this fight with Manny Pacquiao, and doing what he’s doing. I think Manny Pacquiao is boxing. Everything about him is positive and I love the guy.”

Audio here.

Here’s some background: In 2007, Mayweather was quoted in a Yahoo Sports story saying that the UFC was inferior to boxing. “UFC’s champions can’t handle boxing. That’s why they are in UFC.”

White was not amused:

“I used to talk like Floyd Mayweather when I was involved in boxing. I talked just like him, until I educated myself about this sport. These guys are amazing athletes, Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers ever, (and) Sean Sherk will whoop his ass in under two minutes. Any day that Mayweather wants to put his money and his ass where his mouth is, I’m ready. If he wants to step up, let’s do it. I’m willing to put together a fight for Sean Sherk and Floyd Mayweather with numbers that would make sense for Floyd. And I guarantee you he would not accept it. Floyd Mayweather would never fight in the UFC because he would get his head ripped off.”

More Mayweather quotes near the end of this video:

Dana White: ‘Floyd (Mayweather) is one of the big problems with boxing’ [Sports Radio Interviews]

  1. skids003 - Jul 22, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    Floyd won’t even fight in his sport of boxing, unless it’s someone he can obviously beat, so of course he wouldn’t fight in the UFC. He’s a punk.

    • rosstarik - Jul 23, 2011 at 1:32 PM

      He’s a punk because he’s 41-0 after fighting JLCastillo 2xs, DeLaHoya, 48-0 Hatton JMM and now a world champ in his prime. Stop repeating peoples opinions and see the facts for yourself. Pacquiao could be seen as a punk for not taking OST. Why is he held in such high regards?

  2. drmonkeyarmy - Jul 22, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    If Manny was actually be willing to sign a contract that submits to Olympic style testing maybe a fight could take place. Personally I don’t care for either of them, but Mayweather gets a lot of heat for fighting the same caliber of opponent as Manny.

  3. aclassyguyfromaclassytown - Jul 22, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    I’ve had a very strong opinion of UFC for a while now that I tell people who bash MMA fighting. People always talk about it being “Two guys in an octagon kicking the crap out of each other. It’s gladiators all over again”. I look at MMA figting as a chess match. You go in with a game plan, try to work your game plan, try to figure out your opponent’s game plan, and try to counter your opponents game plan. When Forrest Griffin fought Rampage, I told people that I wanted Forrest to win, but would put my money on Rampage. Forrest won, and he did it by executing a game plan. He kicked the crap out of Rampage’s front leg, while mixing in punches to keep him from strickly defending the leg kicks, Rampage’s leg swelled up, he started to limp, and by the third round he couldn’t throw a hard punch because he couldn’t get the umf from his front leg. It’s tactical. Boxing is similar, but watered down. You see much more impresive knock outs in MMA also. I remember watching a back and forth fight on a UFC pay per view once were towards the end the one guy made good contact on a punch to the other. The crowd went “OOOOOHHH” and he took a second to look to the crowd and wave his finger like “No, no, no…. that didn’t do anything”. Never take your head out of the fight at hand. In that second, the other guy charged, jumped, and hit him in the head with a flying knee. I jumped out of my couch on that one. Also, a spinning kick for a knock out, that’s a tough manuver to pull, so again, I appreciate it more. I appreciate submissions the most though. One guy could get punched for 2 and a half rounds, then take a guy down and put him to sleep and win. MMA isn’t on it’s way to surpassing boxing, it already has.

  4. goforthanddie - Jul 22, 2011 at 8:48 PM

    Mayweather’s a punk bitch. End of discussion.

    • rosstarik - Jul 23, 2011 at 1:35 PM

      Ignorance.Nothing else. Explain why he’s a “punk bitch” as you say. Id be surprised it you could give honest, emotionless facts.

      • goforthanddie - Jul 23, 2011 at 6:19 PM

        He wants special testing he has no rights to ask for. Who the fsck does he think he is to demand the champ do anything? He’s nobody, that’s who.
        He does this knowing he won’t get it. Nor does he want it, because then he’d have to fight. He doesn’t want Manny, he just wants to run his mouth. If he really wanted to prove himself better than Manny, he’d agree to fight the guy in the local gym for nothing but bragging rights. Instead, he has offers for million$, and refuses them.
        Punk. Bitch. Running away from a fight instead of running headlong into the biggest payday of his career. Running from a fight everyone wants to see. Running because he knows HE’LL LOSE.
        Punk. Bitch.
        PS: The first paragraph satisfies your request. The rest was just fun for me :)

  5. asuthyo - Jul 23, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    Well duh! Of course Mayweather wouldn’t win in UFC but even if you take the best UFC fighter he wouldn’t win in boxing either. They are completely different so acting as if it is some big deal that Mayweather won’t fight in UFC is just plain dumb.

  6. rosstarik - Jul 23, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    @ goforthanddie. Ignorance. Nothing else. The testing that All International participants in the olympics go through is special? Wake up man. Would you have sex with a woman if she didn’t want to use protection but also didn’t feel the need to take an STD test? I hope one would smarten up to save themselves an ordeal of regret. All the “millions” of dollars reports are falsely or they’re just irrelevant all together. Floyd’s got enough money to live like he wants. “100 dollar bill inferno”? The fight itself would be easy for floyd. Hes got reach, height, skills, boxing IQ and defense over Manny. Who’s he? He’s who Manny has to Negotiate with and he’s the biggest draw in boxing.You gotta go see him to get paid. Hes the only undefeated fighter other than Marciano whose put in the “one of the greatest echelon”. Manny hasn’t fought anybody who’d give Floyd trouble. That was kinda fun. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • goforthanddie - Jul 23, 2011 at 10:41 PM

      Wow, climb down off your boy’s jock before you give him a hernia.
      1-Manny doesn’t work for Mayweather. He doesn’t do what Mayweather says. He follows the rules set by the organization he represents.
      2-“All the “millions” of dollars reports are falsely or they’re just irrelevant all together.”–OK, they’re lies, or they don’t matter. Pick one. And we know they aren’t lies, unless you only read reports favoring your boy.
      3-“100 dollar bill inferno”?–Really. You’re dumb enough to think he’s burning real money? You do realize that’s a federal offense? I can burn Monopoly money too, that doesn’t mean jack squat.
      4-One year ago, a contract was negotiated. Terms were acceptable to both sides. All that was missing was Mayweather’s signature. Why didn’t your boy sign, when he was given what he asked for? Maybe because he’s more concerned about his record than being a man and backing up the checks his big mouth was writing?
      5-Who’s Mayweather? I’ll tell you who he isn’t: He isn’t “Fighter of the Decade” as voted by actual experts. He isn’t the current “pound for pound best boxer IN THE WORLD”. He isn’t respected enough to be elected to political office. Hmm, any idea who might fit the description Punk Bitch doesn’t?
      6-There’s more to a debate than constantly saying “ignorance”. You keep wanting facts, yet ignore those given to you while offering nothing but opinions yourself.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this. I prefer debating with people who can actually back up their argument. It’s obvious you can’t, so I’m done. Feel free to climb back on Punk Bitch’s nutsack. Happy swinging :)

      PS: PUNK. BITCH.

      • thejudge37 - Jul 24, 2011 at 7:27 AM

        It sounds like you’re the one riding jock. If Mayweather did walk away from millions of dollars, so did Pacquiao by refusing Floyd’s request for Olympic-style testing. You conveniently leave out that Mayweather had already agreed to Manny’s choice of venue, ring size and gloves and that Floyd also compromised on the purse split. All Pacquiao had to do was follow the same testing guidelines that Floyd himself would be subject to, which would not give Mayweather any competitive advantage like a smaller ring and choice of gloves gives Pacquiao.

        And why is it so hard to believe that Mayweather lit real money on fire? Are you dumb enough to believe the Feds are out busting offenders who desecrate currency in nightclubs and convicting them with evidence collected via YouTube clips uploaded from someone’s phone? Floyd burning real money or prop money is pretty ignorant, even it was just for publicity and to enhance his marketability as a villain. But stating as fact that it was a fake bill and that a multi-millionaire walks around with monopoly money out of respect for and fear of federal laws is just plain stupid.

        Speaking of stupid, who are these ‘actual experts’ that named Pacquiao ‘Fighter of the Decade’ and how does that provide any basis to your claim that Manny is a superior fighter to Mayweather? And where exactly can I find this official “pound for pound best fighter IN THE WORLD” list? Because I have a list that proclaims Mayweather “POUND FOR POUND BEST FIGHTER IN THE UNIVERSE X INFINITY FOREVER” and this too was voted on by ‘actual experts’ so I guess it must be fact, even though they’ve never fought each other and there is no such thing as an “official” pound for pound list.

        Since you like to give people tips on how to debate and prefer debating with people who back up their claims, maybe you should try to present valid arguments instead of using assumptions, opinions and things like fictional rankings, resorting to insults, and finding clever and hilarious ways to replace Mayweather’s name with “PUNK. BITCH.”

    • tdcrz - Aug 5, 2011 at 12:08 AM

      @rosstarik. Your defense of Floyd is the personification of ignorance. Do YOU honestly believe he won the first fight against Castillo? Please explain how this fight is smeared with controversy but not Manny’s fight with JMM. You can not do so. Manny knocked down Marquez 3 TIMES in the first round but one judge only scored it a 10-7 round when it should have been clearly a 10-6 round. If it was scored correctly Manny would of got the W not the draw. Second fight was close but myself and many others had Manny winning. The fight could have gone either way thats why is it not considered controversial. The same can not be said about Floyd’s first fight with Castillo and we can all again witness the robbery on youtube. Floyd winning that fight was considered a “gift” by many fans. As for the others: ODLH-way past his prime, nothing special here…Hatton was a blown up 147 pounder that was exposed by Collazo, a fight that many felt he lost. What a shocker that Floyd made him fight at this weight where he is least productive….JMM are you serious?? He made him fight 12 pounds heavier than he ever fought and Floyd did even make weight for the fight…Shame on you for bragging about him tearing through a natural lightweight, you know a 135 pounder…Ortiz got his clock cleaned by Maidana…Thats the best you got?

      • rosstarik - Aug 5, 2011 at 7:16 AM

        Dont try to say that the weight was an unfair advantage and that Floyd made him fight at anything. You dont step in the ring unless you believe you can win the fight. Simple and plain, plenty of fights have not happened b/c they couldn’t come to terms with certain elements. Floyd fought De La Hoya @ 154, Manny’s max weight of fighting is 150(both started careers at 106lbs). As for the Castillo fight, Floyd did pretty good for a bad shoulder and bruised ribs. Thats not the first and last controversial fight. Manny got taken to War by JMM 2X, Floyd had a layoff, then came back and laid into him for a “tuneup”? From a neutral point and just observing facts, Floyds got the better boxing legacy than Manny.

    • tdcrz - Aug 10, 2011 at 3:09 AM

      Education, ever had one? Our forefathers were masters at being simple and pround. Your simply simple. Not profound. Your arguments are baseless. Academia is not your forte. Your out of your league in this one. Your lack of knowledge does not permit me to be simple and profound with you. Thus, I would, but I can’t, so I won’t.

      Your stance on weight alone echoes your elemetry comprehension of boxing and combative sports in general. Obviously you don’t understand the mechanics and science behind cutting/gaining weight. You can’t seem to grasp its effects on power, speed, agility, and endurance. Understand this, with few exceptions, fighters weigh more on fight night!! Some more than others. The 30 hour rehydration and replenishment period causes this. Extreme case in point: Gotti vs Gamache.

      Since it appears you are nothing more than a casual fan, lets break it down like this:
      1- Manny best wins were against people Floyd DID NOT fight. This is the only time they are both fighting in the same division. At welterweight. In this division, Manny defeated Cotto, Margarito, and Clottey. Floyd beat none of them. Floyd never even fought a top 147 pounder. At lightweight, Manny’s best wins were against the real JMM(both wins before Floyd) and Barrera, who Floyd did not beat. Those that they do share in common, Manny’s performance was better. He sent two into retirement and the other locked into survival mode refusing to fight.

      2- Floyd is highly talented and one hell of a defensive fighter. Just want to see Floyd fight the best. He is cheating the fans and his legacy by not doing so. That’s Dana White’s point. The best fight the best. Something Floyd does not do. That’s why Dana said Floyd is one of the “problems with boxing.” If not Manny, then Floyd should fight Martinez. He said he would take the test and fight Floyd at 154. If he mans up and fights Martinez, no one can deny him his props or question his heart again. Styles makes fights, anything could happen.

      3- It was a 4 pound disparity. Contract weight was 144. JMM was at 142, Floyd 146. Two pounds over contracted weight. Get it right.

      4- You can’t minimize Manny’s success by saying Floyd does not care about belts. Well, if Floyd is not chasing belts, then why isn’t he cleaning out the welterweight division? He fights one fight. Then goes on hiatus for the rest of the year. If he’s not winning belts or knocking off top contenders, how does this enhance his greatness? It doesn’t.

      5- Manny does not have to prove anything. He passed his drug tests. Ever hear of innoncent until proven guilty? Its not guilty until proven innocent. Which is why Manny has a lawsuit against Floyd for defamation. And Floyd has turned down all 24 dates to appear for his deposition. In regards to PEDS, a more sound case can be made that Floyd is using them (read my bottom post if you care to know how). Floyd is not the commission. He does not set the rules. Floyd can not even follow state laws, yet tries to set regulations in boxing? Manny does not need Floyd. As of now Manny’s status is above Floyd’s in boxing’s history.

      6-As for the American public not liking Floyd, he does it to himself. Maybe it’s caused by his racist rant, run ins with the law, or boxing persona. Either way, it’s his own fault.

      Essentially,your taking points are drivel. Its enough to make a pig regurgitate. Your in the deep end and gasping for air. Stay in the shallow end with the shallow minded people.

      • rosstarik - Aug 10, 2011 at 10:41 PM

        Education? I think we can agree that you don’t need a phd to discuss elements surrounding a boxing match. My talking points are factual not opinion. F almost 2 decades, Mayweather’s reigned or been an elite fighter. You actually want to make a discussion about these two boxers “deep and or profound”? Why not save your depth or profoundness for a subject matter that warrants it. This is a matter of facts. Manny didnt want to take OST, so Floyd moved forward and fought other contenders. I would love to have a discussion as to the most logical reason for him not taking the testing initially.Maybe then you could woo us all with your deep and profound thoughtful illustration. P.S The way Floyds portrayed, he does play a big role in this but not the biggest. The media has the power over all, they release stories on him only if they’re negative. Manny Pacquiao’s adultery case how many times have you seen this covered on a outlet like TMZ? I look forward to hearing from you Professor tdcrz.

    • tdcrz - Aug 28, 2011 at 5:40 PM

      We’re still having this conversation? I forgot about you. Well then, please excuse me for the late response. I have been avidly following the GOP 2012 race. Something that truly matters, you know? Geez, thanks for the compliment my friend. Although I am not a professor, I will glady school you again. In other words, I will either you once more!
      (Warning: This is going to be a long post because your perspective has ample potholes. I know you have trouble reading lengthy compositions. Don’t be intimidated. Be a man.)

      You are the one that brought up “simple and profound.” Not me. Get it together. You see why it’s hard to be simple and profound with you? You can’t even follow along correctly. Follow the live feed. Donkey.

      Because I can properly read, I was able to easily detect your sarcasm towards me. And just like kindengartners, I know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FACT AND OPINION. SOMETHING YOU DON’T!

      Opinion: Manny should take the test.

      Fact: Blood testing is NOT MANDATORY! The rules and regulations DO NOT require this test. They are lawfully allowed to fight WITHOUT THE BLOOD TEST!

      Fact: NSAC determines the rules and regulations. NOT FLOYD.

      Fact: Floyd’s demand is just that. A demand. Not law (maybe he should learn to follow the law himself before making his own, you know? Learn to follow before you lead).

      Fact: Manny agreed to take the test, but Floyd changed his mind. He altered his original stance. He changed the cut-off date.

      Fact: Victor Conte, founder and head of the BALCO scandal, is highly suspicious of Manny’s performance.

      Fact: Conte said that USADA takes bribes and are incompetent in testing for PEDs

      Fact: Manny is willing to take the blood test. However, not with USADA, which became involved on Floyd’s behalf.

      Fact: Manny will grant Floyd his request(WHICH IS NOT NECESSARY FOR A FIGHT! NO OBLIGATION WHAT SO EVER) as long as it is from a neutral party that doesn’t have a stigma of bribes surrounding it.

      Manny is under no obligation to take the test! Yet he is willing to compromise. And you were saying? Who’s fault is it?

      Are you suggesting that if Manny is clean, “then take the test?”He never failed a drug test. Like I said before, it’s not guilty until proven innocent.

      If the cops come to your house everyday to search for drugs without a warrant, would you let them? Why not, if you have nothing to hide? Right?

      If you answered yes, then you’re an embarassment to be an American. You don’t deserve the Bill of rights nor liberty. Our 4th amendment proves your ignorance. However, you must of answered yes because you insist that it’s Pacquaio’s fault that the fight has not happened. There is no probable cause to demand that he take it. But you insist he should obey a demand that is not lawful. Pinhead.

      WHAT FACTS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I tackled your weak argument already, point by point. I thoroughly shredded your talking points in the previous post. You have no legit answer. I detailed why Manny has the greater legacy, that he fought tougher opposition, and that he was more impressive in his victories over the same opponents. You have nothing. You are clinging to facts that an uneducated audience will accept. In reality, your argument is deceitful to them and lacks real value. Your argument is as healthy as deep fried butter. Its sickening.

      So, the inferences you make from those facts are simply your opinions! NOT FACTS! Where can we find the strenght of your argument? Please explain! That way, we can also find Bigfoot, the alien from Roswell, the missing link, and that one sock that always escapes the dryer. Well, in your case hopefully the sock was used to spare this world of a future recipinent of an RED FOREMAN and Charles Darwin award.

      Are you really comparing adultery to spousal abuse? Imbecile. The guy is an “elite” boxer who beat the mother of his children. In front of his child. Yes, the child saw his “elite” boxer dad beat his mother. Did he make her take a blood test? Was this fight a level playing field? MY view of your intelligence as hideous is simply an opinion. But the more you respond the more its becoming a fact.

      And your having a hissy fit that the media didn’t cover Manny’s affair? I got news for you. The whole Philippines did. It nearly overshadowed his victory over Cotto. Their media covered this just as much, if not more, than the fight.

      TMZ,really? You pop out more excuses than Octomom does babies. Since I like to read, I don’t limit myself to “TMZ” type media outlets. That’s why I know about Floyd’s good deeds. I know about him giving food to the homeless, handing out turkeys on Thanksgiving, paying expenses for the boxing team, and paying the funeral cost of Hernandez. SO ONCE AGAIN YOU ARE WRONG! See what happens when you read more than one source? Your knowledge will increase.

      SO, YOUR DELUSIONAL IN PURPETUATING THIS WHOLE MEDIA CONSIPERAY AGAINST FLOYD! Listen you can’t minimize someone’s guilt by blaming the media. Everyone is accountable for their own actions. Can you call a child molester a pedophile if that person didn’t sexually assault a child? Exactly. So is the ghetto really suburbia even though broadcasting stations report on the constant thuggery going on there? Are most rappers also responsible for spreading the same message? Child please. Get real. It’s reality. Our actions make us who we are. If Floyd did not act that way, then the media could not portray him that way, right? Is this not true?

      However, you’re implying that Floyd is not treated fairly? Cry me a river.You still want to talk facts, what do you say to this?

      Fact: The NSAC made Chanel Sonnen jump through loops before granting him his license to fight because he lied under oath.

      Fact: Floyd has 3 domestic violence charges in 7 years. NSAC never confronted Floyd on this.

      Fact: 3 domestic violence charges in 7 years is a FELONY IN NEVADA. Floyd will not be charged with a felony.

      How about those facts? How are you going to try and spin them around in your wheel of excuses? This is embarrassing for you. I am tired of toying with you. Your logic tank is damn near on empty. In the words of Ed Lover “c’mon son.” Listen boy, preach your preschool logic on the tot lot. At least there your bottom of the totem pole logic might reign supreme.

      The facts that you present are grossly inflated and skewed. They are easily diluted when analyzed. You can’t adaquetly defend your argument. If you received a public education, it was a waste of taxpayer’s dollars. IF you went private, that institution robbed you raw, no Vaseline. Don’t worry this lesson was for free.

      P.S. Earlier, this month your “elite” boxer was “extremely confrontational and argumentative” with police officers. According to the police report, he “challenged multiple citizens and officers to fight.” He wants to beat on ordinary citizens and the police (I guess again it proves he doesn’t care about a level playing field). Want to make an excuse for this incident as well? Moron.

      • rosstarik - Aug 28, 2011 at 8:33 PM

        Lol. Long time no amusement. Look, Manny is a great fighter, all Im saying is see it from an equal, neutral point of view. Floyd’s a punk because he doesn’t want his opponent to have an unfair advantage. Mind you, he agreed to all of Manny’s requests. He gives one which is the most important for the well being of the sport and hes a punk? Mannys never failed a random blood and urine test? I thought he doesn’t do needles, oh no it makes him weak, oh excuse me he says Floyd isnt in control and hes not going to bend to his demands. How many times has he undergone random testing leading into a fight? Get outta here, you read more than TMZ? Congrats dude, the cookies are on the way. Evolve out of puberty and think in an unbiased outlook.

  7. rosstarik - Jul 24, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    @goforthmanny. You keep calling him a punk bitch. How many times have you been escorted down to somebody who wants to beat your head in. Shane has taken the tests, Ortiz, Sergio Martinez says that he agrees with Floyds stance and that he’d take the tests. Wheres your leader? You call me jock swinging but unlike yourself, I haven’t bashed one fighter because of my bias to another. Reports of 65 and 100 million dollars come from Bob Stumbled.If you believe everything he says or does, there slim hope as far as your gullibility. P.S Do you “honestly think Manny won both fights w/ JMM?

    • tdcrz - Aug 7, 2011 at 10:37 PM

      Where to begin? You are making this way too easy. Lets start from a neutral stand point, shall we? Manny has the greater legacy. He was overwhelming voted boxer of the decade. He is the first and only boxer to hold a record 8 divisions world titles. He has won fighter of the year 3 times as opposed to Floyd’s two. Lets not forget he fought the tougher oppostion in addition to Mosley and Hatton (who they both beaten) he has defeated Cotto, Clottey, and Margarito. As of this point, history will go on to show that Manny fought more credible opponents. For now it can be a debatable issue, but one that clearly favors Manny. Since this is a matter of opinion check out this recent poll

      You are in the minority. As of now Manny’s legacy is clearly greater than Floyd’s. Secondly,weight plays a major role in combative sports. To say that it does not only illustrates your caveman IQ and generic understanding of the fight game. Do you know who Vernon Forrest is? Do you know how he responded to ODLH fighting Manny? He said to let him fight JMM because “its the same thing.” Vernon is so much more massive and stronger than JMM. He fought at the same weight class as ODLH and was pointing out how ridiculous it was that ODLH was fighting Manny. Its like putting Bradly against Martinez. Its a complete mismatch!

      Thats exactly what Floyd did. Thats a fact. He made the smaller man move up two weight classes and still did not make weight for the fight. Remember he had to pay JMM 600,00 for doing so? Lets not forget that Floyd also refused to step on the scale the night of the fight. Why? Cause he did not want anyone to know the true advantage of his weight. In case you don’t know after the offical weigh in fighters rehydrate and eat so on fight night that are heavier than what they weighed in at. Emanuel Steward even commented on the obvious size disparity during the broadcast. And you should know that alot of fighters cannot carry their speed and power with them when they put on extra weight. There is a big difference between growing into a bigger frame and gaining weight to make a fight. If size was not so important, why did Floyd brag about how light he was when he beat ODLH in the post fight interview, but refused to say his weight after the Marquez fight? In the post fight interview Floyd was pressed about not making weight and the issue with his weight altogether to which he responded (after ignoring it the first time)” I am here to talk about my future…thats in the past.” What a cop out. Even before the fight Floyd boasted that he was going to beat JMM beacause he was too small for him. Yet in that infamous radio interview Floyd said he would not fight Paul Williams because he was too big. He wont fight someone his own weight but is willing to beat down a smaller man. And you praise Floyd for doing so? Pathetic.

      Which brings me to my next point, you are right in that “you don’t step in the ring unless you believe you can win the fight.” Thats probably why Floyd has not stepped in the ring with the top welterweights that are his size. This is how he has become a more famous duck than the Aflac one. On a side note, people need money and so step in the ring for that reason alone. Ever seen the film TYSON? He admits just as much. Late in his career he did not care for the fight he just wanted the check.

      Lastly, get your facts straight. Manny’s highest contracted weight was 150 so that Margarito could fight him. For that fight he weighed in at 144. Margarito offical weight was 150. Manny’s highest offical weight for a fight was 146. When Manny fought JMM it was at 125 and 130, where JMM reigns supreme. The JMM that Floyd fought was offically 12 pounds heavier than he ever fought in his career. He is not the same fighter at that weight. To argue so is utterly laughable and only illuminates how much of an ignoramus you are. Your comparison is flawed. It took Floyd 10 rounds to beat a fatter Ricky hatton. It took Manny only 2 rounds. And Manny beat Hatton at Hatton’s natural weight of 140 where he was undefeated at. So Manny not only destroyed Hatton faster than Floyd but he did so at Hatton’s best weight.

      Your defense of Floyd is weaker than Malignaggi’s right hand. Manny’s legacy is greater than Floyd’s and he has the accomplishments to prove it. That’s a fact. Plain and simple.

      • rosstarik - Aug 7, 2011 at 11:00 PM

        Short and Profound, ever try it? Manny’s biggest wins have been against fighters who had recently been beaten by Floyd. Hes a good fighter but I think there are far too many people who are solely happy to have found someone who can potentially beat Floyd. As for the JMM fight, there was 2lb weight dispairity, what an advantage. So it took him longer to beat hatton than it took manny, different strategy, different outcome, right? As for the accollades, he gets credit but Manny cares about belts, Floyd doesn’t and Manny is a loveable character to the American Public, Floyd is not. If Manny fights a young World Champion in his Prime for a tuneup and proves that hes a Clean fighter and beats Floyd, then for whatever its worth, he’ll have my vote for best fighter of this generation.

  8. sasquash20 - Jul 24, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    I would love to see the fight. I think Floyd is overrated but so is Pac-Man. Floyd has fought people either past there prime or not that good. A win over Pac-Man would put him in greatest ever conversation. I do think hes scared and hiding behind this testing BS. The fact that Pac-Man is sueing tells me something. Hes the only athlete to ever go this route when being accused. I don’t believe hes on any PEDs. I have read where many cultures veiw loss of blood in any way as a harmful thing. Manny claims it weakens him and I would agree with that from my own personal history. As a fighter I wouldn’t want that notion in the back of my head when fighting the fight of my life. Truth is hes fighting V.Ortiz so he can get used to a lefty. Which would mean he is sweating Pac-Man. But he can’t run from the kind of money hes being offered and keep his legacy intact. In fact his legacy is already hurt, and the only way to fix it would be to fight Pac-Man and beat him.

  9. tdcrz - Aug 5, 2011 at 12:16 AM

    As for you Floyd defenders screaming for Manny to take the test it must be asked..How can you mention this about Pacman, but ignore PBF’s oversized head? Not only did his head get grossly larger look at his body when he fought ODLH. Some nerve on you to call Manny a hoax when Floyd exhibits more signs of steriod usage and the fact that he only fights once a year against undersized boxers. Ortiz is a fight that he should get a little kudos for taking because it goes against the norm of his opposition choices. But Ortiz has not yet proven to be a top tier fighter. So this does not excuse the fact that Floyd has ducked fighters while claiming to be the best boxer. Now lets see, Floyd only fights once a year while getting in legal trouble for the reminder of the year. This trained boxer has beaten the mother of his children in front of them, attacked a security guard, and suspected of ordering the following: his bodyguard to shoot at a person and on a different occasion attack a fan that wanted picture. Not to mention that the person his bodyguard shot at made a police report that Floyd tried to drive him off the road a year later. Lets not forget the two women he had beaten up outside the night club at Luxor. You starting to see a pattern here? Floyd is more aggressive outside the ring while Manny is so inside the ring. While Manny goes to the hospital for stomach pains, Floyd is making constant visit to police districts on account of his anger issues. Manny fights twice a year. Floyd only fights once a year. Which gives him ample to cycle his PEDs and accuse others of taking them. While he is off his cycle he trains for a fight and is willing to take a blood test. A lie detector is more suited for him. Floyd’s BFF 50 cent was receiving shipments of steriods and HGH. How do we know? He was listed in the New York steriod probe. The case of steriods and HGH usage for Floyd seems more sound than for Manny. Floyd’s behavior, physical attirbutes, and fighthing schedule indicates PED usage. And his hand picking of low risk fights are undeniable.