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Running of the Bulls goes topless

Jul 15, 2011, 4:12 PM EDT

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No one’s exactly sure exactly when the Running of the Bulls became the Running of the Boobs, but it was probably sometime recently. Marv Albert: “NOT what Saint Fermin had in mind!”

Saint Fermin was the first bishop of Pamplona, Spain, circa the third century AD, and is said to have met his end by being dragged by bulls in the city square. So logically the Spanish people have held a wild festival in his honor since 1591, which includes a fair, bullfights, and of course the Running of the Bulls. But an even bigger feature these days is the debauchery that takes place all over town during the week-long extravaganza. And this now includes, as you see below, many topless women.


But there’s more! Also featured during the festival in recent years are:

Olive spitting contest.

Best kiss contest.

Drunkest person award.

Most impressive jump from the city’s central Navarreria fountain.

Some prizes carry cash awards but most let the winner walk away with just a certificate and bragging rights.

About 150 people took part in a contest lasting some three hours on Saturday to determine who could spit an olive stone the furthest.

The competition, held each year since 2006, was won this year for the first time by a foreigner, Australia’s Matt Davis who managed to spit an olive pit a distance of 16.36 metres (53.67 feet), about the length of four cars.

“We had to limit the number of participants or else we would run out of olives,” said the spokesman for the Association of Friends of Olive Trees which organized the event, Antonio Santos.

Here’s someone driving hard to the hoop for that “Drunkest Person” award:


Today was the last day of the festival, and there were no gorings reported. However bulls were slowly tortured to death for the amusement of morons as usual.